Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir Shirdi

The distance from Pune to Shirdi is ~ 200 kilometer. Its a 4 hr drive, as well as a 30 min stop – wonderful road, variant, places to prevent for tea/restroom breaks. Book a room in Hotel at Shirdi neat temple and stay at the best hotel in Shirdi nearby Sai Baba temple.

Where to stay

We picked hotel Sai Sangeeta a pleasant hotel, very clean, spacious rooms, inexpensive, and a pleasant edifice hooked up. it is a mere pair of min walk from the Temple. It is the best hotel in Shirdi near temple. It is a very affordable hotel in Shirdi.

Temple Darshan

The main Temple or the Samadhi Mandir is wherever you've got the Samadhi of Sai Baba and therefore the marble sculpture of him in a very sitting cause. There are some additional places to ascertain within the temple complex. budget hotel in Shirdi near Sai Baba temple has to be Hotel Sai Sangeeta. Rooms hotel in Shirdi near sai baba temple is the foremost need of the guests. accommodation at Shirdi is not so costly but yes you have a budget stay in a hotel at Shirdi near temple Sai Baba like Hotel Sai Sangeeta.

Gurusthan – The seat of the teacher

This is right next to the Samadhi Mandir. Gurusthan is the place wherever Sai baba initial appeared to the world as a 16-year-old boy. The place is located below an enormous neem tree. It additionally includes a shrine on that Sai baba’s portrait is placed with a Shivalingam and therefore the Nandi bull right before it. Gurusthan means- the seat of the teacher. Hotel Sai Sangeeta provides lowest deals for a hotel in Shirdi near Sai Baba temple and it is a top tourist destination around Shirdi.


They say that Dwarkamai is that the heart of Shirdi, the place wherever the great Sai Baba spent a major part of his life as well as his last moments. This site, at first, was a dilapidated house of worship. Dwarkamai is maybe the sole house of worship that includes a temple in it! the first Dhuni of baba continues to be active here. you'll be able to walk by it and see the place wherever he slept and lived. It is the best hotel in Shirdi. hotel booking in Shirdi near Temple Sai Baba is made easy through the website of the hotel.


During his last years, Sai Baba accustomed spent alternate nights at Chavadi. The place is found right next to Dwarkamai mosque from wherever the procession of Sai Baba at the side of his followers was distributed in a very palki. Even today, the procession takes place on each Thursday with the idol of the saint within the palki. The Chavadi & Dwarakamai are settled outside the most Temple complex – however its a 5 min walk when you exit from Gate 3 (Shani Gate). Even the best hotels in Shirdi near Sai Baba temple will not be able to provide facilities like Hotel Sai Sangeeta. It is the nearest hotel in Shirdi temple.

Lendi Baug

Sai Baba accustomed spend plenty of his time here watering the plants daily within the mornings and evenings. Sai Sangeeta is the best hotel in Shirdi nearby temple and accommodation in Shirdi has made easy and swift as the hotels in Shirdi near temple are quite close to the temple.