Lendi Baug / Datta Mandir Shirdi

Shirdi has settled about 270 kilometers from a city in India. Shird is named the Land of Sai. an extended time past, at the start of the eighteenth century, a young bearded man ( Shirdi Sai Baba) with sparkling eyes took shelter in an exceedingly mosque, in Shirdi Village (of Maharshtra State, In India). no one knew from wherever this intruder had come back who hardly spoke a word and stayed there. hotel in Shirdi nearby temple is the Best place to book Hotels in Shirdi near Sai Baba temple and rooms in Shirdi is rooms at affordable prices in Shirdi.

Lendi Baug

At far from Gurusthan, there's the Lendi Baug. Lendi Baug was made and moire daily by Baba himself. It got its name from a Nalla (a drain) that accustomed antecedently flow there. Baba used to come back here each morning and afternoon and rest beneath a neem tree. Sai Baba dug a pit, two feet deep, beneath the neem tree and kept a Deep(earthen lamp) lit in this pit. One octangular Deepgriha known as Nanda Deep has been in-built marble stone in memory of this place. It constantly burns in an exceeding glass box. On one facet of the Deep Griha may be a Peepal tree and on the other facet may be a neem tree. budget hotels at Shirdi near temple are the best hotels in Shirdi near temple Sai Baba. rooms near sai baba temple are budget hotels in Shirdi near Sai Baba temple. hotels near Shirdi temple are the best hotels at Shirdi near temple.

Datta Mandir

At a distance away from is a Datta Mandir below an Audumbar tree. within the Mandir, there's a sculpture of Datta built in marble stone. The sculpture of Datta was put in on 6th December 1976. simply behind the Datta Mandir may be a Samadhi of the horse, Shyamsundar that belonged to baba and that used to bow to him. Lendi Baug conjointly encompasses a well which was dug by baba and his devotees. book hotel in Shirdi and have rooms at affordable prices in Shirdi budget hotels in Shirdi are hotels near Shirdi temple.

At the doorway of the Baug are the Samadhi of ardent Sai's devotees Tatya Kote Patil, Bhau Maharaj Kumbhar, Nanavalli, and Abdul Baba.