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The Chavadi Shirdi

Shirdi are often best delineated as God’s own abode. The religious presence during this little city in Maharashtra is thus ubiquitous that one will feel it within the air. Shirdi is home to one of the foremost revered saint- Sai Baba. the humble teachings and sermons of Sai Baba are what

Lendi Baug / Datta Mandir Shirdi

Shirdi has settled about 270 kilometers from a city in India. Shird is named the Land of Sai. an extended time past, at the start of the eighteenth century, a young bearded man ( Shirdi Sai Baba) with sparkling eyes took shelter in an exceedingly mosque, in Shirdi

Dwarkamai Shirdi

Sai Baba powerfully believed in uniformity of faith and he never distinguished anyone on the premise of caste, creed or faith. He continually made it some extent to not return empty-handed those that had returned to him in their hour of would like and grief. He performed.

Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir Shirdi

The distance from Pune to Shirdi is ~ 200 kilometer. Its a 4 hr drive, as well as a 30 min stop – wonderful road, variant, places to prevent for tea/restroom breaks. book Hotel room in Shirdi and stay Nearby best hotel in Shirdi.We picked hotel Sai

Gurusthan Temple Shirdi

Sai Baba was distinctive, in that, he lived his message through the Essence of his Being. His life and relationship with the commoner was his teaching. The large Energy that was manifest within the body of Sai was moving and continues to be moving in a mysterious

Khandoba Mandir Shirdi

Khandoba Mandir is settled on the most road. before of this temple, baba was welcomed by Poojari Mhalsapati, of this temple, who aforesaid "Aao Sai", once baba stepped in Shirdi. during this temple, there are icons of Khandoba, Banai, and Mhalsai.Lord Khandoba was the custodial

Vishwatmak Jangli Maharaj Ashram Shirdi

Jangli Maharaj Ashram is situated on Shirdi-Manmad expressway, 7 km off from Shirdi. This ashram is managed and maintained by religious guru Om Gurudev. there's a co-educational residential school for kids, within the premises of the most ashram. numerous meditation classes

Shopping in Shirdi

Whenever we visit a place, we, of course, need to bring home one thing as a memory from the place. Shirdi may be a pilgrimage place thus most of the items offered here have religious importance associated inside. you'll be able to purchase religious books

Dixit Wada Museum shirdi

Dixit Wada museum is found inside the Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust complex. The compact museum showcases black and white photos of Sai Baba, together with his devotees. It additionally displays his leather Padukas, long robes, and a smoking pipe. additionally, to this

Sai Teerth Theme Park Shirdi

Experience a charming holy journey only at Sai Teerth, India’s initial immersive theme park dedicated to the foremost idolized secular saint of all times - Saibaba. Sai Teerth by Malpani group is one amongst the fashionable wonders, which combines devotion with technology